This article is known as Ananta Kala Chakra. Unlike needles in the watch the time will be running without any end. Time ends and is born again. The beginning and end of one time is called as kalpa, this contains 14 Manvantaras.

The character of this Kalpa is birth of Jeevas from Urdhwa Loka to Brahmanda. Out of 14 Manvantaral first seven manvantra you will not see birth of Jeevakoti and birth of Jeevakoti takes place in remaining seven Manantars.

The first 7 manvantars have witnessed thrimurthies and papa shakti meeting Shiva and all these events takes place in first 7 Manvantaras. Then creation starts with Bhuloka and spreads to other lokas and we will understand prajapathi paranpara and serets of creation and events that take place in Kala Chakra.

In Bhuloka Jeevas are found with physical bodies, with limited Gnana and limited life line but in Higher Lokas you will find Astral bodies with lot of power and tejas. They have more knowledge and yet both have certain amount of Avidya which is the character of this creation. The events that have taken place before creation of Bhuloka is the basis of the story of this Ananta Kala Chakra. Creativity in Higher Lokas and Rudra Marrying parashakti is the essence of this text. To make things clear it has been told in the form of a story.


The effect of this story is to show purana of Ananthakala cahkra. In puranas lot of description is given about KalaChakra. Valmiki Ramayana refers to purana of all 3 lokas but in practice 18 puranas of Vyasa Maharshi has become a Mahapurana. The purana of Valmiki refers to entire creation and its present state . There is a time frame for this Brahmanda, and the time frame is 14 Manvantaras, and Vishnu is the creator and karta of this creation.

The creation starts with Vishnu creating 14 Lokas in this Brahhmanda, and they contain creation, spread over, and birth of Jeevas, and all these events gradually takes place clearing ways for many other events and finally getting destruction. The story ends with all lokas getting merged in Vishnu and this is the character of the creation. All this 18 puranas and 14 lokas are parts of the body of Vishnu and he represents all 14 Mqanvantaras and he is the kala swarupa. In Bhagawad Gita the sloka of Kalosmi makes all this Matter clears that this Brahmands and kala Chakra are part of his body.

In this Kala Chakra creation was going on and several Divya Shakti Roopas were born and along with that several Rakshasas were also born and you have witnessed how Vishnu destroyed the powers of all Rakshasas.

The events that are associated with this Kala Chakra are the beginning of YUGU Vynaswatha Manvantara. Puranas claim that each Mavantara consist of 72 Maha Yugas. In the present Manvantara we have seen ompletion of 27 Maha Yugas and at present we are living in 28th Maha Yugas. Each Maha Yuga consists of 43,000 ?Years and we are living in last part of 28th Mahayaga i.e. Kaliyuga consisting 43,000 years.

The details of Yugas are

Satya 17,200
Trefa 12,900
Dwapara 8,600
Kali 4,300

There are 14 Manvantaras and we are in 7th Manvantara and all events that are associated are related to 12,00,172 year back.

The 7th Manvantara Indicate that ½ of life of this Brahmanda is over. This is referred as completion of ½ day of Brahma and beginning of 2nd half of Manvantara. ( Adhya Brahmana Dwitiya Parardhe, Sweta Varah Kalpe Vynaswatna Manvantara Kaliyuga, Pratahma pade, Jamhu Dweepe, Bharatha Varshe. Bharatha Khande Mero Dakshinath Bage.

14 Manvantaras are known as Sweta Varah Kalpa. We are in the midest of this Mavantaras and creation is going on. In the first 6 Manvantars (Out of 14) Urdhwa Lokas, Devatas, and Asuras were born and distructed. The Brahmanda required three muthies for further creation and administration. They represented creation, administration, and distraction Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra were created from the original power which controls this Brahmanda. The reasoning is same for all the three. With Vishnu Sankalpa Brahma filled Brahmanda, with Jeevas Lokas, prajapathis, with the completion of creation Brahma created Rudra for distraction. They three Murthies were accompanied by shakti in the form of Laxmi, Saraswathi and Girija. Vishnu created Maha Laxmi out of churning sea and Brahma brought out Sarasawathi out of his form.

There are two principal elements in the creation which are one known as Avidya and Maya. They cannot be separated from creation. They will not be present during distruction. Maya is part of Mahavishnu engrossed in Jeeva Koti. As long as creation is there Maya will be under the custody of Rudra and he is Aradhya Devata. The greatness of this Kalachakra period is ParaShakti joining Rudra, and that is the sign of completion of creation. This shakti which is present in all 3 Murthies will be a Swarupa of MatruSwarupini.

After Parashakti joins Rudra as parwathi, the creation of Human beings started on earth Lokas which are related to Bhuloka are Yaksha, Rakshasa, Gandharwa, Vidyadhara, Kinnera, Kimpurusna, Astavasu, Pitruloka. After the creation of these lokas, our life commenced in Bhuloka.

These lokas referred above are different form 14 Bhuwana Lokas. These lokas are situated in an around Surya Mandala and they are Meant for human beings to experience their Karmas. They are not related to Pancha Bhoutikas.

Puranas first describe events in higher lokas i.e. Urdhwa Lokas and them they narrate events in Bhuloka. The History of the creation is described is Upanishads. The events and description may be different in each purana as per their understanding.


  1. We all knows through stories about Parawathi’s marriage to Shiva. But behind this there are many events that have taken place including exhibition of Guyana and Agnyana in Urdhwa Loka and Devatas. Their Agnyana has created lot of cruel situations and to know through puranas about all these events is the sankalpa of this project.
  2. Up to 6th Manvantara of Chakshusa, the reation of Brahmanda was verified through purans where in 14 Lokas were created through MahaVishnu & Brahma. Devatas living Urdhwa Lokas were created and in the process some Rakshasa became powerful and Vishnu came to the rescue of Devatas to destroy them. This aspect is studied as part of anantha Kala Chakra going around or wondering through the time.
  3. The end of Chakshusa Mavantara and at the beigining of Vynaswata Mavantara. Rudra Mahadeva was getting settled with his shakti by marrying parwathi and that signifies completion of creation of Brahmanda.
  4. with reference to all the events that take place in Urdhwa Lokas, the creation of life in Bhuloka commenes . This happened in Sandhi Kala of 6th & 7th Mavantara. In the 7th Vynaswatha Mavantara Bhuloka Vikasa took plae in 27 MahaYugas and to understand the history of creation and its effects.
  5. In the first Mahayuga of 7th Manvantara. Eswara Tatwa entered earth and saints and asuras entered the earth. The events realted to saints and auras and to know blow they effected the human beings.
  6. Bhuloka was created in Brahmanda for the living of human beings and to facilitate their living between swarga loka and Bhuloka near to them lokas like pitru, yama, gandharwa, yaksha, vidyadhana, vasu, kinnera, kimpursha were created,

Puranas & Science

Our mind do not understand the existence of galaxy of stars, sky, sun, moon and struggle of human beings taking birth and dying. The present day scientists are telling you many statistics about Surya Chandra and other planets. But one thing they are not about to ascertain about the creator who has created this universe. The puranas of our Indian culture can answer all those questions. They an explain you about Brahmanda, 14 lokas, there Murthi, Devtas, prajapathis, Maharishis, Vedas, advises given by various scholars and Rishimunies. They can explain you how all are related to human beings on the earth. All these information is available in puranas, and they explain to you that we have ancestors and a history of our culture, behind us.

Modern science does not have any history and when it comes to the knowledge of Brahmanda and our Dharma & its history they say it is blind belief of all followers. They also claim that there is no evidence of URDHWA Lokas as explained in our puranas. Even though there are doubts about existence of God, our Sanathana Dharma remain as it is and if we were to read puranas sincerely, we find all the answers to our doubts. If somebody says, to study our history and puranas is part of our Agnyana then there is no meaning in such comments.

We have our culture Devatas, Puja Methods, Swarga & Naraka and if you believe all these things then puranas appear to be true, and you can read puranas with lot of respect and wisdom. You can observe even today millions of Hindus have not forgotten Pujas,Yatras,Ganga Snanam, Rituals, Dikshaws and Karma Kandas in their families. All these rituals of our culture have emerged from Vedas and puranas. Such persons who believe in our culture & rituals have to believe puranas and if they do not believe in purans there is no meaning in their life style.


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