Red Flag on History

6) There are lot of problems we have to worry about government decisions and projects undertaken. Indian council of Historical research deals with our history and culture and prints lot of literatures and conducts research on culture and History, by involving eminent people in respective fields. Once in three years government appoints a new board by selecting people from various universities and from group of historians who are authority on the subject. On 25-03- 2011, the period of last board was ended and a new board was elected by present UPA government. They removed all the old members on the pretext that they belong to R.S.S. group and they claimed in Media that I C H R is disassociated with saffron.

Traditionally they should have retained some of the old members of the organization but the Government choose to remove everybody including chairmen. They have appointed most controversial man as the secretary of the organization. The banned projects of the previous body are all revived. They have inducted most of the historians who have Marxists background as the new office bearers. The complaint of the government is that the members of the previous committee are all Hindu followers and the congress Marxists combination has planned to remove all Hindu followers. The congress and Marxists think that the History of India consists of tough religion and rituals. Their opinion and thinkings are as under.

7) The history according to them is that Aryan come from outside of India before Christ and established Vaidika Mata and gained control and power over locals. The Aryans controlled local population and made them dalits and ruled. They claim that injustice has been done to people right from Ramayana and Mahabharata times. All the religious texts are there only to serve their purpose. The Aryan took advantage of religion and became powerful. They claim that there is nothing glorious in Hindu religion and their object is to destroy Hindu religion and do justice for poor class of people and dalits. The slogan of Congress and Marxists is to do economic justice to poor people by removing religious fundamentalism.

8) The present Government is trying to criticize the work of previous government and that is their only object. Our culture “Sanathana Dharma” was established very clearly five to six thousand years before Christ. Even before that period Vedas clearly explained the Rivers, Mountains, Rishimunies, places of worship that existed. The aim of the Historians backed by present government is to prove the established History of India by various researches as wrong. They want to prove by force that this Arya Dharma do not belong to this country and it has come forcefully from outside country. Communism is born outside India and it is now extinct everywhere in the world but unfortunately it has laid its roots in Indian government for Political gains.

9) Every country will have its history, culture and principles and religious texts and we should feel proud of them. The country has seen several Gnynis, Yogis, Maharshies and good kings who ruled well following Dharma. Along with them we have seen existence of cruel people who did not follow Dharma. We have Puranas, stories which describe all the above class of people and they all advocated Dharma followed by people in respective ages. We have seen emergence of Goutama Buddha in our country and culture. Because of this bad publicity of our Dharma and culture certain bad elements have entered into our culture and at present there is a need to rectify them with proper understanding.

The persons who are born in our culture and dharma have become nonbelievers mainly out of influence of western culture and not out of any scientific methods of evaluation. Anyone who critises our culture from any religion or any philosophy appear to Non believer as their near relatives. Because of their association with Congress Party all these communist and Marxists followers have been entrusted with the History of our nation and such 22 non believers have been inducted to the organization which conducts research on our history.

10) History should be written by scholars who have no dislikings for anybody and who are non controversial. Westerners have written our History with whatever evidence they collected from local pandits. Even Arya sect is written with imagination and not with any evidence. For all anti hindu elements this become a favorite theory to critise Hinduism politically after independence. In education text books this history is introduced to defame Hinduism. They have taken away youth from our culture by writing false statements. The political party who is in power after independence do not have any solution for our problems and they have spoiled our lives by making problems more confusing and finally political unrest and those who are administrating our country is dominated by criminals and corrupt politicians. What you are seeing in news papers is all the result of Mis-informaiton about our culture.

11) Middle class society is always supporting for good things in our daily lives inspite of so many tragedies. We have educated poor who are equallent to an industrial worker or an Agriculturist. But the Government has kept them away from industrial lands or an Agriculturist by classifying them as scheduled cast and other sects. They have prevented these people i.e. educated poor from joining industrial and Agricultural fields. The Government has not provided much employments to these schedule caste people and because of various sub divisions of Harijans and Gigrijans. The society is divided in to various sections. There are poor educated people in every caste and community and there is a need for good project to give employment and financial support. Because of various divisions of communities the Government is unable to look at the common problems of all educated poor, the government should device a policy to look at the common problems of educated poor by ignoring all the divisions.

12) In our Hindu society there are three main sects such as Brahmins , Vysyas and Kshatriyas and there are other 1000 sects depending on their professions. All belong to poor class and common feature of these is poverty. In social customs of Marriage they differ and otherwise they are all poor. Government policies are such that they are dividing these poor class and the differences among them remain as it is. The middle class society should educate the poor class that the rivalry among themselves on the government policies will neither help them nor the Nations progress. Unless we overcome this divisions of population by government we have no future. We have extremities of Rich and poor and it is not good for our culture as we call ourselves republic nation.

13) Our Indian culture believed in simple living, charities, equality, High morals and today all these qualities are vanishing. The policies of government in independent India has increased immoral behaviors and economic inequalities among people. By removing Maharajas and Jamindars we have not achieved anything in removing inequalities. The prosperity of a nation is not judged by looking at few wealthy Individuals but looking at equality of all its citizens financial policies. Injustice is done to many people is allotting college seats, jobs due to reservation and it is not good for the prestige of the Government. Middle class people should make an attempt to solve this problem.

The Government wants representative of backward classes in certain areas and they allot jobs and seats in colleges which leads to controversies about representating community and lot of mis-management is done at government levels. At these juncture we find middle class lying between poor and rich class for whom government do not have any plans and nothing good happens to them. This class has to struggle atleast to bring changes in legislature and justice for them.

14) We are worried about functioning of our government and the way they are conducting after 64 years of independence. The power of government is to serve people and people should get the benefit of independence. The struggle for independence means to understand the functioning of the government machinery and you should oppose such policies and functioning of the government for the welfare of the society and to protect the infest of our nation. The responsibility of the middle class is to convert the minds of people to make them more responsible, patriotic and such thoughts should enter the minds of people and that is the real learning time and this change should come into people.

On one side you have elected representatives who come to power and on the other side you have bureaucrats who run the offices. In between the two you have political admirers and parties who belong to various communities who help the politicians to get elected in election. The politicians of different groups behave like sworn enemies and make allegations against each others. After getting elected all the enemies will join together to form Governments. The Loksabha in centre and assemblies in states are converted into battle fields. There is no uniformity in their stands and due to constant allegations against each other it has become very difficult to believe who is making correct and truthful statements. The allegations are in the nature of misusing power and government funds and to read them and hear them in Medias have become daily routine. We are calling this as one of the best democracy in the world.

15) The citizens of a country will be hoping to have programmes to help people, development projects, freedom of movement, self-respect in their living and carrying on their professions but today our democracy is shattered and if is not delivering any goods and it is not doing any justice to help people and that is the experience of the middle class society. The population has increased three folds and still crores of people getting clothing and food. God in the form of Goddess of land is giving you in the last 50 years food required for all inspite of requirement going four times. The role of government in this can be estimated at 25% and 75% of the growth in agriculture, industries, education and medical and employment opportunities are taken care by middle class population. The government is always targeted for its inability to deliver goods and on the contrary they are troubling middle class by all sorts of controls and licenses which increase corruptions at every levels. All the organizations and citizens always critise the policies of the government and politicians in turn ignore all the criticism.

16) The government always critisises opposition about its inability to implement its policies. It has become a daily routine to see powerful and influential quarters getting their decision implemented with money, power and those who are related to politicians increase their wealth 10 times. Below all these class of people there are poor class of people in crores who have no relation in any way with the government except voting during elections. They indulge in labors oriented works or selling some small items carrying on their head or breaking stones in hot sun. They have to live for their livelihood and they are in no way connected with government. They will be anxiously waiting for charities from government officers or ministers like stitching machines, Gas cylinders, Cycle Rickshaws and persons gives charities as if they own the wealth and they do not realize that they are donating funds belonging to middle class citizens.

17) Middle class citizens contributes income tax and other indirect taxes to the coffers of the government which include sales tax, service tax, on all the transaction of day to day life. The middle class man may earn profits or losses in their trade but the government is certain of getting its revenues. In addition to taxes he pays bribes to all government officers to protect his bread and butter. The small traders always struggle to survive and survival itself is a big profit for him and till the date of his bankrupting he pays to the government all his tax dues. The middle class man is always at risk of loosing everything but the government and its officers are always protected class and they are always safe. The financial institutions also work for the government by giving loans and collecting principal and interest till the least pie. In the disguise of helping middle class man government gives loans and recovers them by selling assets belonging to middle class men.

18) Our society is divided into cast system from olden days and still they lived without any frictions. Even in Muslim rule the Hindus lived without any frictions inspite of caste system prevailing. Today the same caste system is affected by western culture, wealth and money accumulation, Limit less enjoyment and these factors are reducing the effect of caste system and still people are living peacefully. But today we find in our political system politicians are becoming richer and they are accumulating wealth beyond their limits, along with their followers and the middle class society and lacks of poor class of people and living in the same stage is creating a very big gap more worst than the castec system.

19) In society there should be equality among all sections of people in meeting their daily requirements and the rich man should have wealth which is legally earned. All citizens should be provided with minimum requirements and this is called as national wealth. The growth of a nation cannot be judged on the few persons ill-gotten wealth and that is a bad sign for the society. Inequality in wealth through ill-gotten money is decease for the nation and the only reason for this decrease is our political system. If this system is not rectified it will ruin the nation and the system of the country collapses and it leads to disaster.

In our society you will see emergence of a new group of people who claim to fight inequality among people and they gradually spreaded over the entire nation and become threat to our culture and country. They have a political theory and they enter the government organizations to fight for common man. But today’s political system digests them and make them also billionaires and they amass wealth like other politicians and their political theory will remain in text books. Even after adopting violent methods they are unable to achieve anything even after generations. China also faced a similar situation and long back volumes were written about these new monarchs.

20) In our country such organization make publicity that Inequality in our country is due to our culture and its arrangements. It is high time people should realize that our belief in our culture is still protecting our country and it is the political system that is creating problems to our nation.

If this culture did not exist you should have seen a free society with a political system with violence and those who are living away from our culture are more confused in their approach to politics and economics of the country. In our history caste system and political system if you read we have live peacefully with all communities and caste systems. The country in the past had Hindus, Jains and Buddhists and later we remained with Muslims, Hindus and Christians all part of our political system. Unlike Jains and Buddhist in the past the present communities will remain as it is with all the differences and the struggle will continue. The poverty and differences will continue to grow.

21) In a country society is divided on so many factors and it is a common feature in all countries. You will find ordinary citizens, literates, good and bad, selfish people, charitable personalities, artists and people with different languatges. In all these catogaries of people you will see unity among them as citizens of one country but still there will be differences among them. For these differences people, principles and government are not responsible and apart from this there is one more factor responsible. That factor is Religions, Faith, staunch support of a faith and non believers of religions, who discard the existence of God and call themselves protectors of Human beings and they have emerged as a new sect. These factors become a main reason in the world for developing hatred towards all religions.

22) In human race culture, civilizations, developments have been done over a period of thousands of years and these things have occupied the minds of people deed rootedly. How culture and civilization cannot be destroyed even on religion and trust in human beings are deep rooted and they are permanent in the minds of people. Over a period of time there may be changes in the religions due to change of times, but certainly they cannot destroy the religions. In order to change the entire religion it may take few centuries but thinking process in a man about spirituality and confidence in religion that it gives him peace of mind will make that religion more strong. We are seeing lot of changes every day in our country in bringing out new devatas and idols, gurus, sadhus and their new philosophies with lot of modifications are ruling the minds of the people. Our modern education and new cultures are unable to destroy the basic characterstics of a Hindu and this point proves that the strong changes brought in culture cannot destroy the confidence of a Hindu in religion.

23) The Hindu religion with all its caste and philosophy differences may undergo changes due to social changes. People will try to understand good values of our culture due to publicity and pressure. A religion is capable of removing its own defects. (Now coming to social, economical differences and Inequality they are not related to religion may be in course of time eradicated and it is in the hands of people. It is a far thinking to bring economic equality which is termed as “Heaven on the Earth”. It is not easy to achieve this unless the whole society from top to bottom work for it and all human beings should work together.

24) Among section of heads of society who have power, money, Physical power they should develops changes mentally from top to bottom. This change is referred as Dharmic, Self-realization, Transformation, Sacrifice and people should do their duties keeping all the above qualities in their minds. The second aspect is poor citizens who are spread from lower level and whose power should reach the top. They should have enough earnings and work to sustain on themselves. This situation is called equality in society and its power and this should flourish. This cannot be achieved by several incidents involving violence. This can be achieved through a systematic social reforms and this is referred as “Nagarika (Vipulva)” i.e. natural calamity. Creating violence, emotions and Anti social speeches will not help in overcoming calamities and they cannot lay any foundation for future plans. In addition they create panic and make citizens weak in their approach and thinking. The country may adopt violence methods in eradicating calamity and again in the process may handover the power to another arrogant and selfish leader and for a moment you will find changes and again the story goes as it is!

25) There are two types of removing inequalities . . . one is which is not possible for a human being and the second inequality is the one created by human being. Ultimately who is responsible for all these things to oppose power and wealthy people in government levels and politicians. The middle class citizen alone can do this opposing the policies and arguing for the wealthy sections of the people showing sympathy and co-operations as he is aware of all the developments. Middle class society will have education and wisdom and powers to deal with all the situations.

Countries finance and administration are contributed and run by tham some section of middle class society joins government administration and trouble their own fellow citizens and this is normal. Again the middle class society has the responsibility to face administration and politicians and the middle class who have joined as administrators have to support to them.

26) Middle class is like a river with full flow of water balanced by small lakes i.e. Government on one side and administration on other side. The flow of water in river and its power will clean the dirt in small lakes and enables the lakes to get the ability to move. The middle class should move like river and clean the lakes of governments and administration and this is the unique power of middle class.


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